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Overnight stay Route du Soleil

Close to the Autoroute du Soleil lies our beautiful camping site, Aux Rives du Soleil.

Overnight stay Route du Soleil

Are you going on holiday? Or are you already on your way home? Thanks to the favourable location of Aux Rives du Soleil, you can relax and enjoy a night’s rest without having to take a detour. Your overnight stay on the Route du Soleil is made even more attractive, since all the facilities that you need are present here:

The special passers-by terrain has ample room for your car with caravan or trailer tent. No need to uncouple your caravan, so you can leave the next morning without any hassle. Of course, you are also welcome to spend another night!

Overnight stay Route du Soleil

Distances after staying the night on Route du Soleil

Below, you can find a brief overview of final destinations and their distances relative to Aux Rives du Soleil:

  • Avignon ca. 310km
  • Bezias ca. 450km
  • Frejus ca. 500km
  • Brussel ca. 600km
  • Barcelona ca. 725km.

We will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. A fast, proper and hospitable handling of your arrival gives you the opportunity to unwind and enjoy your stay. Discover the beautiful surroundings or enjoy one of the many facilities on our terrain.

We know one thing for sure! If you have visited Aux Rives du Soleil, you will definitely return!